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About Goodstar
Goodstar started with Tyler & Ryan creating a demolition business to help fun disaster relief efforts. Turns out demolition is fun and they were good at it. Quickley expanding to add Matt and Dan, the first crew of Goodstar was born.
Since then Goodstar has expanded and focused on commercial demolition. Learn more about our services below. Call (405) 362-7815 today for help on your next project.
Selective Demolition
Removing features of an existing space or strucutre. Examples: when one commercial space moves out and a new tennent requires something different
Breaking down a strucutre to either salvage the underlying material or disassemble structure in a particular or controlled fasion
Structural Demolition
Removal of whole structures. Examples: removing an existing home to rebuild, removing commercial strucutres to rebuild
Concrete Removal
From removing large runs of parking lot or selected parts of a foundation
Disaster Recovery
When storms come'a'knocking we come a rocking. Goodstar parterns with various diaster relief organizations to volunteer.
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